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Configuring Interface Monitoring and Mirroring

Contrail supports user monitoring of traffic on any guest virtual machine interface when using the Juniper Contrail user interface.

When interface monitoring (packet capture) is selected, a default analyzer is created and all traffic from the selected interface is mirrored and sent to the default analyzer. If a mirroring instance is already launched, the traffic will be redirected to the selected instance. The interface traffic is only mirrored during the time that the monitor packet capture interface is in use. When the capture screen is closed, interface mirroring stops.

To configure interface mirroring:

  1. Select Monitor > Infrastructure > Virtual Routers, then select the vRouter that has the interface to mirror.

  2. In the list of attributes for the vRouter, select Interfaces; see Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Individual vRouterIndividual vRouter

    A list of interfaces for that vRouter appears.

  3. For the interface to mirror, click the Action icon in the last column and select the option Packet Capture; see Figure 2.

    Figure 2: InterfacesInterfaces

    The mirror packet capture starts and displays at this screen.

    The mirror packet capture stops when you exit this screen.