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AppFormix Overview

AppFormix is a cloud service optimization tool that provides advanced monitoring, scheduling, and performance management for software-defined infrastructure, where containers and virtual machines (VMs) can have life cycles much shorter than in traditional development environments.

AppFormix leverages big-data analytics and machine learning in a distributed architecture that puts the power of self-driving infrastructure at the core of most any cloud. It redefines the state-of-the-art in telemetry and management across software-defined infrastructure and application software layers. On top of all of this, real-time and historic monitoring, performance visibility and dynamic optimization features improve cloud orchestration, security, accounting and planning to users.

Starting with Contrail release 5.1, the following AppFormix features are supported in Contrail Command:

  • Installing AppFormix using Contrail Command

  • Configuring AppFormix Alarms using Contrail Command

  • Configuring Instances in AppFormix

  • Viewing Cluster Node Details and Metric Values


For information about installing AppFormix, see the Contrail Installation and Configuration Guide. For more information about AppFormix, see the AppFormix User Guide.