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Manage PagerDuty Notifications

SUMMARY You can configure PagerDuty notification service, set up alarms, and verify that PagerDuty incidents are triggered from the Contrail Insights UI.

Configure PagerDuty Notifications

Follow these steps to configure PagerDuty notifications:
  1. Click the hamburger button and click Settings.
    The Appformix Settings page is displayed.
  2. Click Notification Settings on the Appformix Settings page.
    The PageDuty tabbed page of the Notification Settings page is displayed.
  3. Click Add Service on the PagerDuty tabbed page.
    The Service Account, Service Key, and Service Name text boxes are displayed.
    Figure 1: PagerDuty Settings PagerDuty Settings
  4. Enter the following information:
    1. Enter account information in the Service Account text box.
    2. Enter service key information in the Service Key text box.
    3. Enter a name for the service in the Service Name text box.

    Click Setup to add the new PagerDuty settings. The PageDuty settings that you configured is displayed in the PagerDuty tabbed page.

    Figure 2: View PagerDuty Settings View PagerDuty Settings

Set Up Alarms

Follow these steps to set up an alarm:
  1. Click Alarms in the left-nav bar.
    The list available alarms are displayed.
  2. Click Add Rule in the Alarm Rules section.
    The Add New Rule section is displayed.
  3. Enter the following information in the Add New Rule section to set up an alarm:
    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the alarm.
    Module Select Alarm from the options.
    Alarm Rule Type Select Static rule type.
    Scope Select Host as the scope.
    Interval (seconds) Enter 60 seconds as the interval.
    Notification Select PagerDuty from the drop-down list. The Services drop-down list is displayed.
    Services Select the services you want to apply to this alarm from the drop-down list.
    Figure 3: Select PagerDuty from Notifications drop-down list Select PagerDuty from Notifications drop-down list
  4. Click Save to save the alarm.


After you have configured notifications and set up alarms, you can verify that PagerDuty incidents are being triggered from the PagerDuty UI. Navigate to the Incidents page to view triggered alarms.
Figure 4: View Triggered Alarms View Triggered Alarms