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Contrail Insights Settings

Settings for Contrail Insights can be accessed from the top right corner. From the Settings page, you can set any of the following configurations.

Contrail Insights Settings

The Settings page shows the connectivity of the Contrail Insights components. You can also view the current storage size of their cluster. You can add more hosts from this page, check user statistics about their cluster, and look at the Contrail Insights discovery status of your cluster. Figure 1 shows the Contrail Insights settings and component connectivity.

Figure 1: AppFormix Settings and Component ConnectivityAppFormix Settings and Component Connectivity

Services Settings

The Services Settings page is where you can configure the different services that you want Contrail Insights to monitor. For example, you can configure RabbitMQ or MySQL. See Service Monitoring from the UI for more details about configuring these services.

Notifications Settings

The Notification Settings page is where you can configure your notification services. For more information on configuring notifications, see Notifications.

SLA Settings

The SLA settings page is where you can set up your SLA policies. For more information on configuring these policies, see Health Monitor.

Chargeback Settings

The Chargeback settings page is where you can configure the cost for usage of different resources. See Chargeback.

Oversubscription Settings

The Oversubscription settings page is where you can set the oversubscription ratios for disk, memory, and vCPUs. Oversubscription ratios are used by the Capacity Planning feature. See Capacity Planning. Figure 2 shows the oversubscription resource and ratio settings.

Figure 2: Oversubscription Resource and Ratio SettingsOversubscription Resource and Ratio Settings

Plug-In Settings

From the Plugins page, you can enable or disable plug-ins, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Plug-In Settings PagePlug-In Settings Page