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Contrail Insights Platform Health

All the Contrail Insights Platform components can be monitored from the Contrail Insights Platform Health page. To access this page, click the menu in the top right corner, and from the drop down list, select Platform Health. This page provides useful data such as connection statuses, usage statistics, and errors that provide an overview of the health of the components.

Figure 1: Contrail Insights Platform Health PageContrail Insights Platform Health Page

This page shows relevant health statistics for each of the Contrail Insights Platform components, namely, Controller, OpenStack Adapter, Agent, DataManager, Mongo, Redis, and HAProxy.

In addition to the UI, these health statistics can also be obtained using APIs.

Contrail Insights Controller

Health panel for Contrail Insights controller shows the RedisConnectionStatus, MongoConnectionStatus, ProcessStatuses, CeleryTaskStatus. For ProcessStatuses, the time the process last sent an update is tracked, hence checking liveness of the process, and errors logged by the process since last update.


The response is a task_id.

Using this task_id, call the following endpoint to get the result:

Contrail Insights OpenStack Adapter

Similar to the Controller panel, OpenStack Adapter panel shows the statuses of various processes and any error logs.


Figure 2: OpenStack Adapter PanelOpenStack Adapter Panel

Contrail Insights Agent

The Contrail Insights Agent panel shows all the regular host level metrics along with host's Health and Risk.

Figure 3: Host Level Metrics with Health and RiskHost Level Metrics with Health and Risk

Other Components

The captured metrics for other components can be seen on the UI, as shown in the following figures.

Figure 4: MongoDB MetricsMongoDB Metrics
Figure 5: Redis MetricsRedis Metrics
Figure 6: Data Manager Metrics Data Manager Metrics
Figure 7: HAProxy MetricsHAProxy Metrics


Use the /data/metrics API to collect all the data for the platform node for the above plug-ins. To get data for a specific platform node, note its host_id. Then enter the following in your browser:

The DataManager statistics can also be queried using: