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Platform Dependencies

When installing Contrail Insights control plane services on a Platform Host, the Ansible playbooks fetch third-party dependencies, such as Mongo and Redis, from repositories on the Internet. In some environments, the Contrail Insights Platform host might not be able to open connections to external hosts. The Contrail Insights software can be installed in those environments by loading the dependencies prior to executing the Ansible playbook.

Installation of Contrail Insights Agent does not require fetching any dependencies. The following steps apply only to an Contrail Insights Platform host.

The following steps require a host that has Docker installed and can pull images from the Internet (specifically, from Docker Hub).

  1. On a host (for example, host1) that has Internet access, pull Mongo and Redis images, and save them to a file:

  2. Copy mongo_redis.tar.gz to the Contrail Insights Platform Host.

  3. On the Contrail Insights Platform Host, load the Docker images.

With the dependencies loaded, proceed with the installation of Contrail Insights by executing the Ansible playbook appropriate for the environment.