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Known Behavior

This section contains the known behavior and limitations for the specified Contrail Cloud Release.

Known Behaviors for Contrail Cloud Release 16.2

  • CC-786 - IDM/IPA support is not implemented in contrail on Kubernetes. IDM support is targeted for a future release Contrail Cloud.
  • CC-861 - Issue where a custom disk image can't boot UEFI. Currently, only legacy MBR is working.
  • CC-914 - Contrail Cloud Release 16.2 does not provide support for IPv6 networks. Support for IPv6 networks is targeted for a future release of Contrail Cloud.
  • CC-925 - SELinux enabled by default on k8s hosts. The default mode for SELinux was changed from permissive to enforced on K8s hosts. New variable was introduce selinux_enabled which can be used in site.yml. The default value is true:
  • CC-1010 - Contrail Cloud only supports the legacy spine/leaf configuration model from rhosp13. RHOSP 13 style spine/leaf network configurations must be used in Contrail Cloud 16. This applies to a fresh install, and applies to the Contrail Cloud 13 to 16 upgrade. For more information, see:
  • CC-1048 - There is a known upgrade issue where Ceph status returns a warning due to insecure "global_id claim". This is a harmless warning and is caused the provided backward compatibility in the code. For more information, see:
  • CC-1054/CEM-24236 - There is an issue in Tungsten Fabric Operator where it is not possible to use vDNS functionality. Enabling vDNS leads to a problem with name resolution inside the VMs connected to the network where vDNS is configured.
  • CC-1060/CEM-21860 - Contrail tf-tripleo-heat-templates do not pass the BarbicanPassword to the Contrail containers. This results in the Barbican user having the same password as the Keystone admin user. Additional configuration parameters can be added to the config/site.yml file as a workaround to this issue:
  • CC-1127 - The scripts/ and scripts/ fail when using capsule. Katello API listens on port 443 for the satellite, and is default for the scripts. The Katello API listens on port 8443 when using capsule. A quick workaround is to add the "8443" port number as part of the satellite name:

    Run the following to use the katello ping API to verify the URL:

    You will receive the following if successful:

  • There is a known issue where Contrail Insights does not function when using IPv6 in Contrail Cloud version 16.2.