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Known Behavior

This section contains the known behavior and limitations for the specified Contrail Cloud Release.

Known Behaviors for Contrail Cloud Release 16.1

  • Contrail Cloud 16.1 requires a fresh install. There is no upgrade support from Contrail Cloud 13 to 16.1.
  • CC-35 - Whole disk image only supports legacy mode in BIOS for whole disk with partitions. UEFI is not supported.
  • CC-741 - The os-net-config with contrail_vrouter_dpdk fails with nicN references. The deployment of DPDK roles fails when you use "nic_N" style naming.
  • CC-786 - IDM is not supported and is targeted for a future release Contrail Cloud.
  • CC-914 - Contrail Cloud Release 16.1 does not provide support for IPv6 networks. Support for IPv6 networks is targeted for a future release of Contrail Cloud.
  • CEM-21104 - There is a race condition with the Contrail vrouter when the control plane is deployed in parallel to the RHOSP16 overcloud. This creates a condition where it is possible that compute nodes are ready before the contrail control plane services. The compute nodes may hang if the control plane is not ready first, and the overall overcloud deployment may fail.