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Contrail Cloud Upgrade Scripts

SUMMARY The table below describes the scripts you use in the upgrade procedure. The script files all reside in the /var/lib/contrail_cloud/scripts directory. You should include " -d" after every script invocation . This will capture additional debug information during the script run, and is helpful when troubleshooting.

Table 1: Contrail Cloud Upgrade Scripts
Script Name Description -d
  • Prepares all nodes in the environment for upgrade: the jump host, undercloud, and overcloud nodes.
  • Installs the Leapp package used to upgrade RHEL7 to RHEL8.
  • Organizes your SSL certificates into a new directory structure -d
  • Upgrades the jump host to use RHEL 8.2. -d
  • Upgrades the undercloud to use RHEL 8.2.
  • Upgrades the packages and containers on the undercloud VM.
  • Publishes new containers to the registry on the jump host.
  • Upgrades Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director on the undercloud VM.
  • Rebuilds the overloud-full image used to provision all new overcloud role instances. -d
  • Sets the clusters into maintenance mode, prepares new scripts for reregistration, and upgrades the network configuration. -d
  • Upgrades the overcloud plan on the undercloud VM.
  • Prepares the overcloud heat stack for the upgrade: openstack overcloud upgrade prepare -d
  • Upgrades all nodes in the current batch as defined in the site.yml configuration file under the upgrade_plan.
  • Upgrades packages and containers for each node batch, per batch run.
  • Upgrades one batch per script run.
  • Processes the batch file and automatically creates a lockfile.
  • Every role will be processed in order per the defined batch run. -d
  • Runs the upgrade converge: openstack overcloud upgrade converge.
  • When Ceph is enabled – upgrades and runs the Ceph cluster configuration: openstack overcloud external-upgrade run -y --stack overcloud --tags ceph.
  • Finalizes the overcloud upgrade. -d
  • Deploys RHVM on the jump host.
  • Configures RHVM. -d
  • Performs maintenance of the VMs, and sets up NFS. -d
  • Performs backup of the control host VMs.
  • Redeploys the control hosts and is run once for every control host instance.

    Each control host is completely torn down and rebuilt with new VMs and new VM storage.

  • Deploys from the backup:
    • The control VM which hosts the control overcloud role.
    • Creates the appformix-controller VM and adds it to Ironic. -d
  • Creates the contrail-k8s VM and adds it to Ironic.
  • Performs post-migration cleanup, turns maintenance off, and refreshes facts and Ironic configuration. -d Deploys the Kubernetes cluster onto the contrail-k8s VMs on each control host. This will host the Contrail control plane -d
  • Deploys the Contrail control plane.
  • Restores the configuration database from backup in NFS storage -d Installs Contrail Insights (formerly AppFormix) onto the appformix-controller VMs on each control host.