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Update the Overcloud

Make sure you understand the update plan and have added the update plan details in your site.yml configuration file.

To update overcloud, run the following commands:

  1. The script will:

    • Generate an ansible configurations needed for the overcloud update process.

    • Prepare the services for update.

    • Run the script from the undercloud virtual machine.

  2. Choose a unique name that you define for each batch. You must manually run the update script for each unique named batch. Rerun the update script for each named batch until all batches have successfully updated. The script creates a lockfile for the named batch after it is processed in the script run. The script will:

    • Update all nodes as defined in the update_plan['batches'][<batch>]['nodes_list'] and is configured in the config/site.yml file.

    • Update node packages and containers according to the batch update_type.

    • Update one batch per script run, as configured in the update_plan.

    • Automatically create a lock file when the batch has been processed. This is how the script knows to move on to the next batch the next time the script is run.

  3. The script will:

    • Ensure that the stack resource structure aligns with the new packages and configurations.

    • Update Ceph cluster configuration, containers, and services.

    • Synchronize the OpenStack database.

    • Switch all services from update to fully operational state.

    • Remove all lock files.