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Appendix C: Deploying Netronome SmartNIC

This appendix contains information to configure and deploy Netronome SmartNIC in your Contrail Cloud environment.

The procedure below will show you:

  • How to get the Netronome containers.

  • How to configure the roles and properties for Netronome including profiles.

  • How to deploy Netronome in Contrail Cloud.

Prepare for Netronome deployment.

You need to configure specific parameters in your YAML configuration files before deploying Netronome in your Contrail Cloud environment. The following will demonstrate which files you need to configure and will give you examples for each section. Complete samples for Netronome deployment can be referenced in samples/features/netronome_support/. This folder will have Netronome specific examples for each required YAML configuration file listed within. Make sure to copy the necessary configuration samples into the appropriate YAML configuration files for the changes to take effect.

The following procedure will prepare your Contrail Cloud environment for Netronome deployment:

  1. Review the samples in samples/features/netronome_support/.
  2. Compute nodes with Netronome cards must include “Smartnic” in the profile name to enable Agilio services. Add the “Smartnic” profile name to your config/compute_nodes.yml:
  3. Provide information about the Agilio containers version and source. Modify your config/site.yml overcloud section to include “smartnic:” per the format found in the samples/features/netronome_support/site.yml file. Here you will select container source and tag, as seen below:

    The information you entered above will be used by scripts/ later in the procedure.

  4. Modify Netronome-enabled compute nodes in the overcloud extra configurations section of config/site.yml to reflect hugepages and kernel parameters for the compute nodes using Netronome cards.

Deploy Netronome in your Contrail Cloud Environment.

The previous section set the parameters for your Netronome deployment. This section will now take you through the procedure for the script needed to deploy Netronome.

Start your Netronome deployment after you have completed the undercloud node deployment (scripts/ The steps below will load the Netronome Agilio containers:

  1. The script below will perform the Docker login and download Agilio containers from the source you provided in config/site.yml from the previous section. The process will then upload the containers to the local registry on the undercloud.


    The username and password used below is for accessing the plugins in the registry and is supplied by Netronome. This is not the same as your Contrail Cloud login credentials.

  2. You can now proceed with the rest of the deployment process as stated in the Contrail Cloud Deployment Guide.