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Unassigning N-PE Devices

To unassign an N-PE device so that it can no longer be assigned to a service:


Before you an unassign an N-PE device, it must not be assigned to any deployed service.

  1. From the View selector, select Service View. The workspaces that are applicable to routing and tunnel services are displayed.
  2. Click the Build icon in the Service View of the Connectivity Services Director banner. The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.
  3. From the Network Services > Connectivity task pane, select Prestage Devices > Prestage Devices.
  4. In the Devices Chart window, select the device on which you want to add an interface to the list of potential UNIs.
  5. Click Manage Device Roles and from the drop-down list, select Unassign Role to remove the role capability of a network element. You are prompted to confirm the operation. If you click OK, a request is submitted to remove the latest role of the network element or device.

    The device is removed from the list of network elements displayed on the Devices Chart page.