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Configuring Connectivity for IS-IS Topology Acquisition

If BGP-LS is not being used, you must configure one of the IGP protocols on the CSD-Topology. To enable IS-IS on the CSD-Topology, before you begin, complete the following tasks:

  1. Verfiy IP connectivity between a switch (or router) and the x86 appliance on which CSD-Topology software is installed.

  2. Configure interfaces on the JunosVM for IS-IS routing, for example:

To configure IS-IS topology acquisition, see:

Configuring IS-IS on the CSD-Topology

To configure IS-IS topology acquisition and enable IS-IS routing, perform the following steps on the CSD-Topology JunosVM:

  1. Configure the policy.
  2. Populate the traffic engineering database.
  3. Configure IS-IS.

Configuring IS-IS Over GRE on the CSD-Topology

Once you have configured IS-IS on the CSD-Topology, you can take the following additional steps to configure IS-IS over GRE:

  1. Initiate an SSH or telnet session using the IP address for the CSD-Topology JunosVM external IP address.
  2. Configure the tunnel.
  3. Add the GRE interface to the IS-IS configuration.