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Specifying the Wait and Idle Times for Prestaging Devices

After Junos Space has discovered the devices, a two- or three-stage process to prestage devices is performed automatically in the backend by the Connectivity Services Director application. Prestaging takes the devices already under Junos Space management and prepares them for service activation by assigning roles to those devices and their interfaces..

To specify the wait and idle times to be used for triggering jobs for prestaging devices:

  1. From the Junos Space user interface, click the System icon on the Connectivity Services Director banner.

    The options that you can configure in System mode are displayed in a drop-down menu.

  2. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu to open the Preferences page.

    The Preferences page opens with User Preferences as the default tab.

  3. Click the Services Activation tab to configure the services activation-related settings.

    The settings that you can configure on the Services Activation tab are displayed.

  4. Click the right arrow beside the Prestage Device section to expand it.

    The parameters that you can configure for prestaging devices are displayed.

  5. In the Pre-stage Wait Time (Sec) field, specify the number of seconds for which the task to trigger a job for prestaging devices must wait after receiving the first notification for prestaging devices. For example, if you specify the prestage wait time as 20 seconds, the prestaging task waits for a period of 20 seconds, after receiving the first notification for prestaging devices, and then initiates the prestaging-devices job.
  6. In the Pre-stage Idle Time (Sec) field, specify the number of seconds after which the job for prestaging devices is initiated, if no notification is received during the idle period. For example, if you specify the prestage idle time as 10 seconds and if no notification for prestaging devices is received within this period, the job for prestaging devices is triggered immediately after 10 seconds. The prestage idle time value takes precedence over the prestage wait time value.
  7. Click OK to save the settings. You are prompted to confirm the changes you made to services-activation preferences.
  8. Click Yes to confirm. The Preferences page is closed. A dialog box is displayed to confirm the successful saving of the preferences. Click OK to close the dialog box.