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Viewing Details of an Out-of-Band Notification for Recovered Services

On the Manage Out of Band Changes page, the Details button displays granular and comprehensive information for a selected service recovery notification.

The Manage Out of Band Changes page displays the devices for which the configuration settings have been modified outside of the Connectivity Services Director application. The configuration state of a device is shown as In Sync when the configuration information in all three repositories match (settings made using the devices CLI, Connectivity Services Director in Build mode, or Junos Space Network Management Platform). If there is a conflict between the configuration information in one or more of the repositories, the device configuration state is Out of Sync. An Out of Sync state is usually the result of out-of-band configuration changes—that is, configuration changes made to a device using a management tool other than Connectivity Services Director.

To view detailed information that pertains to an out-of-band notification of a service recovery instance:

  1. From the View selector, select Service View.

    The workspaces that are applicable to routing and tunnel services are displayed.

  2. Click the Build icon in Service View of the Connectivity Services Director banner.

    The functionalities that you can configure in Build mode are displayed on the Tasks pane.

  3. In the View pane, select the Network Services > Connectivity node without expanding the tree and selecting a type of service.

    The tasks that are applicable for the different connectivity services are displayed on the Tasks pane.

  4. In the Network Services > Connectivity task pane, select Service Recovery > Manage Out of Band Changes.

    The Manage Out of Band Changes window is displayed.

  5. Select the check box beside a device for which an out-of-band notification is displayed, and click Details above the table.

    The Details pop-up dialog box appears that contains the following fields:

    • Service Name—The configuration difference received in the device change notification will be processed to see if we are able to determine the name of service. If name of service can be determined it will displayed.

    • Service Type—The type of service (E-Line, E-LAN, or IP)

    • Service Definition—The definition associated with service

    • Customer—The customer associated with service

    • Type of update—Indicates the type of modification performed as follows:

      • CREATE—Missing endpoint added to the service

      • MODIFY—Existing endpoint modified for the service

      • DELETE—Endpoint deleted for the service

  6. Click OK to close the Details dialog box.

    You are returned to the Out of band Changes page.