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Discovering and Assigning N-PE Devices with Exceptions

Preparing network devices for service activation is usually a simple process which directs the Connectivity Services Director application to prepare your devices automatically. When you prestage devices, the Connectivity Services Director application scans the database for devices that have already been discovered but have no MPLS role assigned, and recommends a role for each device it finds, based on the device configuration data and a set of predefined rules. You can then display those devices and their recommended settings for:

  • MPLS role for the device (PE only)

  • Loopback interface

  • UNI interfaces

The Connectivity Services Director application allows you to exclude specific recommended devices from being assigned the N-PE role and to exclude interfaces from use as UNIs during service provisioning. You can also change the loopback address of a PE device..

For step-by-step instructions on how to prepare devices for network activation using all the recommendations for N-PE role assignment and UNI assignment that the Connectivity Services Director application makes, see Discovering and Assigning All N-PE Devices. These topics describe how to prestage devices with exceptions:

Including Interfaces in UNI Role Assignments

To include interfaces from the list of interfaces that the prestaging rules determined were suitable for use as UNIs:

  1. In the address bar of your browser window, enter: https://<>/mainui/ where <> is the Web IP address for Web access to the Services Activation Director GUI. Alternatively, from the Connectivity Services Director GUI, click the Junos Space icon in the Connectivity Services Director banner. The Junos Space Network Management Platform page is displayed.
  2. In the Network Services > Connectivity task pane, select Prestage Devices > Prestage Devices > Manage Device Roles.

    The results of the most recent role discovery operation appear, including any changes you have subsequently made to your prestaging data.

    Repeat Step 2 through Step 7 for each device for which you want to include some recommended UNI selections:

  3. In the Devices Chart page, select the device for which you want to manage UNIs.
  4. Select a device and click Manage Interface Roles.

    The Manage Interface Roles window shows all the device interfaces for the selected device and indicates those that the Connectivity Services Director application recommends for use as UNIs.

  5. In the Manage Interface Roles window, select the check box under the UNI column that you want to assign to the device.

    To assign more than one UNI, use the multiple selection capability.

  6. Click OK to submit the selection and return to the Devices Chart page.

Committing Your Prestaging Choices

This procedure provides instructions for assigning the N-PE role to selected devices and committing all device prestaging information to the database.

Before performing these steps, you must complete the following tasks:

  • Discover devices that have not yet been assigned an MPLS role.

  • Exclude from the list of discovered devices those devices that you do not want to assign the N-PE role to.

  • On each device, exclude the interfaces you do not want used as UNIs.

To commit your prestaging choices to the database:

  1. From the View selector, select Service View. The workspaces that are applicable to routing and tunnel services are displayed.
  2. Click the Build icon in the Service View of the Connectivity Services Director banner. The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.
  3. From the Network Services > Connectivity task pane, select Prestage Devices > Manage Device Roles > Assign Roles.
  4. Examine the list of devices to be sure these are the devices you want to assign the N-PE role.
  5. Select all devices.
  6. Click Manage Device Roles and select Discover Roles. A job is submitted to obtain the roles of the devices.
  7. To view the assignment status, in the Job Management screen, click the job ID of the assignment job.

    The Job Management page shows the progress and status of the role assignment job.


    Alternatively, to display the Job Management page, click the System icon on the Connectivity Services Director banner, and select Manage Jobs from the Tasks pane. You can also view the CSD Deployment Jobs page in Deploy mode of Service View by selecting the View Deployment Jobs option in the task pane.

    While the job is ongoing, you cannot make additional assignments from the Assign Roles page. The Assign NPE Role action is dimmed to indicate you cannot select it.


    If you modify the configuration of a device after the device is prestaged, remove the device from prestaged status and then Discover Roles and prestage the device again.