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Applying a CLI Configlet to Devices

You apply a CLI Configlet to devices when you want to push a configuration from the CLI Configlet to the devices.


At the time of creating the CLI Configlet:

  • If you selected the Single execution type, the CLI Configlet can be applied to only one device.

  • If you selected the Grouped execution type, the CLI Configlet can be applied to multiple devices simultaneously.

To apply a CLI Configlet to a device:

  1. From the View selector, select Chassis View. The workspaces that you can configure in this view are displayed.
  2. Click the Build icon in the Connectivity Services Director banner. The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed.
  3. From the Chassis View pane, click the plus sign (+) next to the My Network tree to expand the tree and view the list of devices.
  4. Select the device for which you want to apply CLI configlets. A graphical view of the device is displayed on the right pane.
  5. You can right-click each selectable component such as chassis or physical interfaces in the chassis view. The shortcut menu that is displayed indicates the name of the selected component, state of the component, context path of the component, and the Manage Configlets option. Select Manage Configlets from the shortcut menu. The Select Configlets window is displayed, listing all of the available configlet templates that are applicable to the selected component.
  6. To select a configlet to be applied to a device, do one of the following:
    • Double-click the chassis component, such as physical or logical interfaces, in the chassis view. The selected area is used as the context to list the templates in the Configlet selection window.

    • Click the Apply Configlet icon and use the links shown on the components in chassis view to select the context and apply configlets.

  7. The Apply Configlet menu is displayed, depending on the component or context selected:

    If you selected the chassis, the device configuration context is applicable. Click the Edit (pencil) icon beside the Zoom menu in the chassis image view. You can select the Configlets that can be applied to the device and the device context is listed for configuration.

    If you selected a physical interface, select Apply Configlets from the Actions menu on the rightmost pane that displays component details. You can select the configlets from the list for the selected physical interface on the device.

    If you selected a pseudo-interface and a logical Interface, click the pencil icon displayed in the the pseudo and logical interfaces grid. When you click the icon, the chassis element on the respective row is used as the context element and the list of Configlets that can be applied are displayed.

  8. Select the CLI Configlet that you want to apply to the devices and select Apply CLI Configlet from the Actions menu.

    The Apply CLI Configlet page is displayed.

    When you select a Configlet Template from the Select Configlets table, the parameters panel is updated with the applicable parameters for the selected Configlet Template. The field components are based on the Parameter Type.

  9. Select the devices on which you want to apply the CLI Configlet and select Apply CLI Configlet from the Actions menu.

    The Apply CLI Configlet page displays the parameters. Only text field and selection field type parameters are displayed.

    To view the description of the parameter, mouse over the entry in the Parameter column.


    You cannot select more than 25 devices. If the device selection using the search criteria or tags lists more than 25 devices,

  10. Double-click the Value column for each parameter and enter a value.

    All values are accepted for the text field type parameter. For a selection field type parameter, you should select from one of the values you provided for the parameter. The set of values present and the default value selected were defined when the template was created.

  11. Click Next.

    The parameter value is validated against the regular expression (if given). If the parameter value violates the regular expression, then a validation error is displayed.

    The Preview area of the Apply CLI Configlet page displays the preview of the CLI Configlet. If you selected to view the parameters and the configuration when previewing the CLI Configlet, the parameters and the configuration are displayed.


    Contents of the Preview area depend on the preview options in the CLI Configlet.

  12. (Optional) Click Validate to validate the configuration.

    The Validate Results page is displayed.

    A job is triggered. The Progress column displays the progress against each device. When the validation is complete, the results of the validation are displayed. The Status column indicates the results of the validation.


    You can also view the validation results from the Job Management page. To view the validation results, double-click the job ID and click the View Results link corresponding to the device.

  13. Click Close.

    You are redirected to the Apply CLI Configlet page.

  14. Select whether to apply the CLI Configlet now or later.
    • To apply the CLI Configlet now:

      • Click Apply.

        The Configlets Results page is displayed. This page shows the job results.

      • Click Close to return to the Conflglets page.

    • To apply the CLI Configlet later:

      1. Click Back.

        You are redirected to the previous page.

      2. Select Schedule at a later time.

      3. Enter the date in the Date field in the DD/MM/YYYY format.

      4. Enter the time in the Time field in the hh:mm format.

      5. Click Apply.

        The Job Information dialog box is displayed.

      6. Click OK.

Click Cancel to return to the Device Management CLI Configlets page.