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Communication of SNMP Traps Between Optical ILA and NMS Systems

SNMP traps are required to be propagated from an optical ILA to the network management system (NMS) server such as Connectivity Services Director. Each optical ILA needs to be able to configure trap destinations. Because an IPLC acts as a gateway, the traps are first received by the IPLC. From the IPLC, these traps are transmitted to the appropriate destination. The IPLC maintains information about the trap destination configuration per optical ILA. The optical ILA sends its traps to the anchor IPLC by default. The following traps are available from optical ILA:

  • Temperature (abnormal, clear)

  • Voltage (abnormal, clear)

  • Fan temperature/speed (abnormal, clear)

  • Software version (abnormal, clear)

  • Optical ILA communication (abnormal, clear)

  • EDFA temperature


  • Pump trap