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100-Gigabit Ethernet OTN Optical Interface Specifications

The 100-Gigabit Ethernet OTN (Optical Transport Network) optical interface standards described below are supported on PTX Series routers.

To determine which transceivers support each 100-Gigabit Ethernet OTN standard, see Supported Network Interface Standards by Transceiver for PTX Series Routers. The “Cables and Connectors” section in the description for each PIC lists which standards and transceivers are supported for that device.

OTU4 4I1-9D1F Optical Interface Specifications

100-Gigabit Ethernet OTN Optical Interface Specifications shows the optical interface specifications for the OTU4 4I1-9D1F standard.

Table 1: OTU4 4I1-9D1F (ITU-T 959.1) Optical Interface Specifications


DML Laser

EML Laser

Optical interface


Same as DML laser


ITU-T 959.1

Same as DML laser

Maximum distance

ITU-T G.652 fiber, 6.2 miles (10 km)

Same as DML laser

Central frequency

1294.53 through 1296.59 nm

1299.02 through 1301.09 nm

1303.54 through 1305.63 nm

1308.09 through 1310.19 nm

Same as DML laser

Mean channel output power

–0.6 through 4.0 dBm per lane

–2.5 through 2.9 dBm per lane

Mean channel input power

–6.9 through 4.0  dBm

–8.8 through 2.9  dBm

Minimum equivalent sensitivity per lane

–8.4 dBm

–10.3 dBm