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Alarms by Severity Monitor (Service View)

Alarms by Severity is a pie-chart that shows the breakdown of all alarms since the last system restart. It is available on the main page when in Fault mode.

If you mouse over each segment, the total number of alerts for those alarms is shown. Alarm severity levels are:

  • Critical (Red)—A critical condition exists; immediate action is necessary.

  • Major (Orange)—A major error has occurred; escalate or notify as necessary.

  • Minor (Yellow)—A minor error has occurred; notify or monitor the condition.

  • Info (Wedgewood Blue)—An informational message; no action is necessary. Informational alarms do not necessarily indicate an error. It could indicate that a device or entity has changed state.

Clicking the Details icon on Alarms by Severity opens Alarm Details where you can sort and disposition individual.