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About Deploy Mode in Service View of Connectivity Services Director

The Deploy mode enables you to deploy service order configuration changes to devices. When you make configuration changes in Build mode, the changes are not deployed to devices automatically. You must manually deploy the changes to devices in Deploy mode. Every time you make configuration changes in Build mode that affect a service, you must propagate the service order changes to the device by commissioning the configuration to the device. Configuration changes are deployed to devices at the device level. When you deploy configuration changes to a device, all pending configuration changes for that device are deployed.

This topic describes the following functionalities that are available in Deploy mode of Service View:

Manage Network Services

A service is an instance of the service order that defines the configuration parameters and attributes for transmission and management of traffic in a customer network. A service is created for a deployed service order. The service always specifies the customer and the endpoints that link the customer sites through the MPLS network. For each endpoint, the service provisioner specifies the network provider edge device and the UNI on that device that connects the customer site to the N-PE device. The service can also specify any additional attributes that are configured in the service definition as editable in the service order. These attributes might include the virtual circuit ID (VCID), maximum transmission unit (MTU) for the ingress or user-to-network interface (UNI), MTU for the connection across the network, VLAN-ID, rate limiting bandwidth, and so forth.

You can modify the properties of the service, conduct a functional or configuration audit, activate or deactivate the service, and view alarms associated with a particular service order for debugging and corrective action.

You can decommission a service that a customer no longer needs. You cannot decommission a service if a service order requesting action on that service is in the Requested or Draft, Scheduled, In Progress, or Invalid state.

Manage Deployment of Service Orders

A service order is an instance of the service definition that completes the definition for a specific customer’s use. In Deploy mode, you can do the following configuration deployment tasks on devices for which service orders are configured to be provisioned or that have pending changes:

  • Modify the parameters of a service order to suit your deployment needs or to resolve traffic-forwarding problems caused by service attributes.

  • Validate the configuration of service orders.

  • Delete partial configuration of services on devices.

  • Discard the pending configuration of services from being deployed to devices.

  • Run configuration deployment jobs immediately or schedule them for future times.

  • Preview pending configuration changes before deploying.

  • Manage configuration deployment jobs.