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Applying a Service Template to a Service Definition

To deploy a service template, you must apply it to a service definition. Both templates and definitions are service type specific. If you have an E-Line service template in the system, you can apply it to a definition of the corresponding service type: E-Line. You cannot attach it to a multipoint-to-multipoint, or IP service definition. Service variables in a template must be compatible with the definition to which you attach the template. Each service type has its own set of variables, and if the template you want to attach contains any service variables not compatible with the service and definition type, the template will not appear in the definition’s list of available templates.

You can apply multiple templates to a single definition.

To apply a service template to a service definition:

  1. Create or import a service template. See Creating a Service Template or Importing a Service Template.

  2. in the Network Services > Connectivity view pane, select Service Design > Manage Service Definitions.

  3. Click Create E-Line Service Definition, or Create E-LAN Service Definition, or Create IP Service Definition.

    The General window appears.

  4. From the Service Template Definition section, click Add to select a template. The Choose Templates dialog box appears. Select the desired template(s) and click OK to attach the templates to the service definition.

    The list of templates available is filtered according to the type of service definition.

  5. For instructions on filling in the rest of the fields on this page and completing the definition, see Creating a Point-to-Point Ethernet Service Definition, Creating a Multipoint-to-Multipoint E-LAN Service Definition, Creating a Point-to-Multipoint E-LAN Service Definition, or Creating a Full-Mesh IP Service Definition.