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What's New

Learn about new features introduced in CN2 Release 23.4.

CN2 on OpenShift

  • OpenShift 4.14 Support— The CN2 Release 23.4 new installation is supported on Red Hat OpenShift 4.14. However, CN2 Release 23.4 does not support OpenShift upgrade from 4.12.13 to 4.14.

Advanced Virtual Networking

  • Quality of Service: Rewrite and Marking for QoS— Starting in Cloud-Native Neworking Release 23.4, CN2 supports packet QoS. CN2 ensures consistent QoS as a packet travels from source to destination with propagation, and translates QoS values for downstream QoS realization with marking or rewrite.

    See Quality of Service: Rewrite and Marking for QoS.

  • SCTP Support for CN2— Starting in CN2 Release 23.4, CN2 supports the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) for both DPDK and kernel data path modes. SCTP is a reliable and connection-oriented network protocol that can transmit multiple streams of data simultaneously between two endpoints.

    See SCTP Support for CN2.

  • CN2 Intercluster Endpoint Discovery— Starting in CN2 Release 23.4, CN2 Intercluster Endpoint Discovery feature allows multiple Kubernetes clusters to interconnect and exchange routing information using a BGP-based control plane. This enables cross-cluster pod-to-pod and pod-to-service communication, which was previously limited to IP address-based access.

    See CN2 Intercluster Endpoint Discovery.

Solution Test Case Definition

  • SDN Gateway Qualification— Starting CN2 Release 23.4, MX304 can also be used as an SDN Gateway.