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Container Tags

Container tags are needed to identify the image files to download from the Contrail Container Registry during a Contrail Networking installation or upgrade.

The procedures to access the Contrail Container Registry are provided directly by Juniper Networks. The location of the files in the Contrail Container Registry changed for the CN2 software starting in Release 22.4. To obtain access credentials to the registry or if you have any questions about file locations within the registry, send an email to:

The following table provides the container tag name for the image files for CN2 Release 23.4.

Table 1: Container Tag—Release 23.4
Orchestrator Platform Container Tag
  • Kubernetes 1.28.5, 1.27.5, 1.26.5, 1.26, 1.25.5, 1.24.3, 1.23.9

  • Red Hat OpenShift 4.14.1, 4.12.13, 4.12.0, 4.10.31

  • Amazon EKS v1.24.10-eks-48e63af

  • RKE 2 v1.27.1+rke2r1