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Create an Amazon EKS Cluster Using Eksctl

Use this procedure to create an Amazon EKS cluster with 3 nodes using eksctl.

We provide this example procedure purely for informational purposes. See Amazon EKS documentation for the official procedure.

  1. Create an EKS cluster without a node group.
    In this example, we name the cluster cn2cluster.Take note of the service IP address subnet. You'll need this when you install CN2 later. By default, Amazon EKS assigns service IP addresses from either the or the CIDR blocks.
  2. Attach managed or self-managed worker nodes running Amazon EKS-optimized AMI to the cluster.
    Ensure you pick an AMI that is running a kernel that is supported by CN2.
  3. Use standard kubectl commands to check on the deployment.
    Check that the nodes are up.Check that the pods have a STATUS of Running. If not, wait a few minutes for the pods to come up.

Before installing CN2, disable transmit checksum offload on all your nodes. Disable the offload in a persistent manner (that survives reboots).

You've successfully created an Amazon EKS cluster. You're now ready to install CN2 on this cluster.