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Prepare a Cluster Node for DPDK

Use this example procedure to prepare a cluster node for DPDK.

We provide this example procedure purely for informational purposes. See DPDK documentation ( for the official procedure.

  1. Enable Intel VT-d and SR-IOV in the BIOS.
  2. Configure huge pages and enable IOMMU by editing /etc/default/grub. For example (for a huge page size of 1 GB):

    Update grub and reboot:

  3. Load the poll mode driver (PMD) kernel module according to the capabilities of your NIC.
    • If your NIC supports VFIO, then you might not need to do anything explicitly. Recent kernels include VFIO compiled in. If you need to load it:

    • If your NIC only supports UIO:


      Some kernel versions do not automatically include uio_pci_generic. If you see a Module uio_pci_generic not found error, then install the module first (for example: sudo apt install linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-xx-generic) before loading the module.