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Install Contrail Analytics and the CN2 Web UI

Use this procedure to install Contrail Analytics and the CN2 Web UI.

Contrail Analytics integrates Contrail's telemetry exporters in the OpenShift monitoring framework to provide a unified way for you to monitor and analyze your network and network infrastructure. Information collected includes logs, metrics, status' of various components, and flows.

Packaged with Contrail Analytics is the CN2 Web UI, which you can use to monitor and configure CN2 components.

When you install Contrail Analytics, all analytics components are preconfigured to work with each other.


We use Helm charts to install Contrail Analytics. Install Helm 3.0 or later on the host that you're using to install Contrail Analytics.

  1. Install OpenShift Logging.

    Contrail Analytics requires OpenShift Logging to be installed. For information on how to install OpenShift Logging, see for your release.

  2. Locate the Contrail Analytics package that you downloaded. See Manifests.
  3. Create the project and namespace for the Contrail Analytics pods.
  4. Extract the openshift-values.yaml file from the Contrail Analytics package. This file contains values that override some OpenShift defaults.
  5. Install the Contrail Analytics package.

    Contrail Analytics is installed as a NodePort service. You can reach the service by specifying the IP address of any node running Contrail Analytics. By default, the port to use is 30443.

  6. Verify that the analytics components are installed and running.
  7. After you install Contrail Analytics, you can access Grafana or the CN2 Web UI.
    To access Grafana, point your browser to https://<node-IP-address>:30443/grafana/. Be sure to include the trailing /. The default Grafana administrator username/password is admin/prom-operator.
    To access the CN2 Web UI, point your browser to https://<node-IP-address>:30443. The default CN2 Web UI username/password is super/c0ntrail123.

    The CN2 Web UI is classified as a Juniper CN2 Technology Preview feature. These features are "as is" and are for voluntary use. Juniper Support will attempt to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features and create bug reports on behalf of support cases. However, Juniper may not provide comprehensive support services to Tech Preview features.

    For additional information, refer to Juniper CN2 Technology Previews (Tech Previews) or contact Juniper Support.

  8. To uninstall Contrail Analytics:
  9. To upgrade Contrail Analytics: