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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a managed cloud-based Kubernetes service that provides the Kubernetes infrastructure for your applications. Amazon EKS manages the performance, scale, reliability, and availability of the cluster automatically without requiring your intervention. With Amazon EKS, you're only responsible for managing the worker nodes where your Kubernetes applications are running. You don't need to install, operate, or maintain the Kubernetes control plane, which is completely hidden from you.

Amazon EKS runs in the AWS cloud, with the Kubernetes control plane residing in an Amazon-provided Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and the worker nodes running under your control in your own VPC. The control plane nodes span multiple AWS Availability Zones and automatically scale to adjust to load and health.

When augmented with CN2, Amazon EKS gains a full-featured CNI and networking platform that can meet the complex networking requirements of small and large businesses alike. CN2 not only provides pod-to-pod networking for the Amazon EKS cluster, but it simplifies hybrid cloud deployments with secure network segmentation and seamless connectivity from the private edge to the public core.

We provide multiple ways to help you to install CN2 in an Amazon EKS cluster. You can use the provided Amazon EKS blueprints for Terraform, the provided Helm charts, or the provided YAML manifests.

Benefits of Amazon EKS with CN2

  • Industry-leading managed Kubernetes service together with industry-leading SDN
  • Full featured SDN solution for all types of enterprises
  • Seamless end-to-end networking in hybrid cloud environments regardless of geography
  • Centralized SDN control with elastic performance and scale