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The way that you manage an OpenShift cluster does not change when Contrail is the CNI plug-in. Once Contrail is installed, Contrail components work seamlessly with OpenShift components to provide the networking infrastructure.

The Contrail controller is constantly watching and reacting to cluster events as they occur. When you add a new node, the Contrail data plane components are automatically deployed. When you delete a node, the Contrail controller automatically deletes networking resources associated with that node. Contrail works seamlessly with kubectl and oc commands as well as with the OpenShift console.

You cannot uninstall Contrail. You cannot remove a CNI plug-in from an OpenShift cluster.

See the Appendix for examples of how to perform some common tasks on an OpenShift cluster. These examples are not specific to Contrail and are provided with no warranty.

The remainder of this chapter contains tasks that are specific to Contrail.