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Add a Cluster Node

Use this procedure to add a control plane or worker node to a cluster that you used kubespray to create.

We provide this example procedure purely for informational purposes. See Kubernetes documentation ( for the official procedure.

  1. Prepare the new node by following step 5 in Before You Install.
  2. Add the node to the inventory.yaml file that you created in step 11 in Create a Kubernetes Cluster.
  3. Verify that ansible can SSH into all the nodes.
  4. Run the playbook from the kubespray directory. Adjust the command below to reference the inventory.yaml within your directory structure.

    CN2 automatically detects that you've add a new node and configures new networking components as necessary. You don't have to explicitly configure CN2 for the new node.

  5. Use standard kubectl commands to check that the new node is now part of the cluster.