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Run Preflight Checks

SUMMARY Learn about Contrail preflight checks.

Preflight checks allow you to verify that your cluster nodes can support Contrail. The checks test for resource capacity, kernel compability, network reachability, and other infrastructure requirements. You run preflight checks prior to installing Contrail.

Run Preflight Checks in Release 22.1

In Release 22.1, we provide a preflight check script that you run on each node in the cluster. The script checks to see if the cluster node is able to run the deployer manifest that you want to apply to that node.

  1. Locate the script and the manifest that you want to apply from the downloaded package.
  2. Copy the script and the manifest(s) you plan on using to every node in the cluster. You're not applying the manifest yet. You're just making the manifest available for the script to read.
  3. Log in as root to each node in the cluster and run the script.

    where <deployer-manifest>.yaml is the name of the manifest(s) that you plan to apply to this node.

    The script checks to make sure that the node is capable of supporting the resources required by the <deployer-manifest>.yaml file.

    Address any errors flagged by the script before proceeding.