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New and Updated Features

This section describes the new features in the Juniper Cloud-Native Router (JCNR) 23.4 release.

New Features in Juniper Cloud-Native Router Release 23.4

  • Integrated Routing and Bridging on JCNR—Integrated Routing and Bridging (IRB) is a networking concept that combines the functionalities of routing and bridging within a single network infrastructure. JCNR now supports IRB, using which you can configure both routing and bridging settings in a unified manner.

  • cRPD telemetry data— JCNR now provides additional telemetry metrics, which are provided by cRPD. The cRPD telemetry data collection is disabled by default. It can be enabled by specifying the --set jcnr-cni.telemetryExporter.enable=true parameter in the helm install command.

  • IPSec Security Services (Service Chain)—JCNR is now integrated with Juniper's containerized SRX (cSRX) platform to provide security services such as IPsec via service chaining.

  • Support for table next-hops—JCNR supports route leaking between virtual router routing instances for routes with interface, receive, resolve and table next-hops.

  • vRouter flow tracing—JCNR supports packet flow tracing for a selected flow as a technology preview feature.

  • Support for tunnels with underlay ECMP—The cloud-native router also supports ECMP next-hop for tunneled traffic.

  • Support for SR-MPLS when deployed as a transit router—The cloud native router can participate as a sending, receiving or transit router in SR-MPLS networks.

  • JCNR is now available on GCP marketplace—JCNR is now available on GCP Marketplace as a VM based product offering.

  • Support for Azure deployment (Technology Preview)—JCNR now supports deployment on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform as a Technology Preview feature.