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New and Updated Features

This section describes the new features in the Juniper Cloud-Native Router (JCNR) 23.3 release.

New Features in Juniper Cloud-Native Router Release 23.3

  • Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) support on additional NICs— JCNR now supports DDP on the following Intel NICs:

    • E810 PF

    • X710 PF

  • API to get status on active and standby link in bond interfaces— JCNR now supports an API to get the active and backup interface details of a bond interface pair.

  • EVPN VxLAN support for JCNR— JCNR now supports EVPN Type 5 Routing over VXLAN tunnels.

    Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) with Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) Type 5 routing is designed for use in data center and cloud environments to provide efficient and scalable network connectivity for virtualized workloads. It combines the benefits of EVPN and VXLAN to enable flexible and seamless communication between virtual machines (VMs) and physical devices across different IP subnets and locations.

  • L2-L3 deployment mode support— JCNR now fully supports the L2-L3 deployment mode.

  • VLAN sub-interfaces support in L3 mode—JCNR now fully supports the use of VLAN sub-interfaces in L3 mode.

  • Deployment support for Google Cloud Platform and Wind River Cloud Platform—JCNR now supports deployment on Google Cloud Platform and Wind River Cloud Platform.