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Known Limitations

This section describes issues and limitations present in Juniper Cloud-Native Router release 23.3.

Known Issues and Limitations in Juniper Cloud-Native Router Release 23.3

  • JCNR-4036: V4/V6 address disappears after changing prefix length by doing delete then set and then commit—When the prefix of an IPv4 or IPv6 address of a fabric interface is changed using the cRPD CLI, if the commands to delete and set the interfaces are executed one after the other and then committed on the CLI, then the routes of the interface are erased from the system. However, the routes are retained, and the change is successful, if the delete command is executed and committed, and then the set command is executed and committed.

  • JCNR-4070: Core path not updated as per values.yaml— The core path is not updated as defined under the corePattern attribute in values.yaml. The core_pattern value must be defined on the host before deploying JCNR. Please see System Requirements for more detail.

  • JCNR-4171: Ping between IPv6 kernel pod interfaces intermittently fails—Ping between IPv6 kernel pod interfaces with JCNR deployed as a CNI in L3 mode fails intermittently with Destination unreachable: Address unreachable error message. It is recommended to disable ipv6 forwarding globally on the host as a workaround.

  • JCNR-4248: Keepalived cores are generated when VRRP is initially configured in cRPD— When VRRP is initially configured in cRPD or deleted and re-configured, keepalived cores are generated in the /var/crash directory.

  • JCNR-4950: Notification for "Config Failure, Config OK, JCNR CLI Start, JCNR CLI Stop" are not triggering—The following JCNR notifications are not shown when triggered:

    • Config Failure—is triggered if there is a failure while providing custom configuration during JCNR deployment.

    • Config OK—is triggered while providing custom configuration during JCNR deployment.

    • JCNR CLI Start—is triggered when running cli in the cRPD shell.

    • JCNR CLI Stop—is triggered while exiting the CLI mode after entering exit in the cRPD shell.

  • JCNR-4956: DDP flows programmed on PF is not shown in dpdkinfo—The dpdkinfo command is used to show DDP flows programmed on the NIC. This command can be used for E810 VF, XXV810, and X710 PF. For E810 PF, this support is not available from DPDK. Refer the vrouter-dpdk logs to see the programmed flows.