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BGP Unnumbered

SUMMARY Read this topic to know about the support for BGP unnumbered in the cloud-native router.

Juniper Cloud-Native Router supports BGP unnumbered peering starting in Release 23.2. This feature allows BGP to auto-discover and to create peer neighbor sessions using the link-local IPv6 addresses of directly connected neighbors. Using BGP unnumbered peering, which dynamically discovers IPV6 neighbors, reduces the burden of manually configuring an IPv6 underlay. It is used in N-tier Clos architecture for point-to-point links. BGP unnumbered is supported in the default VRF (VRF-0) and virtual routing instances (virtual-router). Read the BGP Unnumbered topic for more information.


When a BGP unnumbered IPv6 session is established between 2 provider edge routers (PEs) and IPv4 routes are being exchanged over that session, then the next hop for an IPv4 route is an IPv6 address. This feature is supported on PEs having Linux kernel version 5 and above. If the Linux kernel version is below 5, then the IPv4 routes are not added to the routing table.