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Resolved Issues

This section provides information about issues that we resolved between release 22.4 and 23.1.

Resolved Issues in Juniper Cloud-Native Router Release 23.1

  • JCNR-2788: contrail-k8s-deployer pod in crash loop even though vrouter pods are up—Previously, on doing a vrouter upgrade between 22.4 containers , the contrail-k8s deployer would be in a crash loop for a longer duration before it could come up even while vRouter pods were up. This issue has been resolved.

  • JCNR-2980: Fabric workload trunk interface is coming up as access with no config in cRPD after deployment—The fabric workload trunk interface configured in the values.yaml file before deployment would be deployed as an access interface with no configuration in cRPD after the deployment. This issue has been resolved.

  • JCNR-2802: Drop counters are updating with RX pkt count for pod interfaces when traffic is received even traffic drop is not existed—The drop counters were incremented when traffic was received on the pod interface (ingress) in the vRouter even while the traffic was not dropped and transmitting correctly on the fabric interface. This issue has been resolved.

  • JCNR-3171: L2 ACL is not getting programmed in cRPD and vRouter intermittently in certain scenario—The layer 2 firewall filters (ACL) was not getting programmed in cRPD and vRouter in certain scenarios like vRouter crash or Juniper Cloud-Native Router installation using helm with the ACL configuration in the template. This issue has been resolved.

  • JCNR-3173: After fresh deploy of JCNR, the pods Vif has invalid vrf—After deploying a fresh version of JCNR, the vif pods would have invalid vrf. This issue has been resolved.