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Known Limitations

This section describes issues and limitations present in Juniper Cloud-Native Router release 23.1.

Known Issues and Limitations in Juniper Cloud-Native Router Release 23.1

  • JCNR-3541: core-facing on access interface is not removing the interface from no local switching—When an access interface with the no-local-switching key enabled is configured to core-facing, then the no-local-switching functionality continues to be enabled on the access interface.

  • JCNR-3595: vf_isolated remains true for access interface even after deleting no-local-switching from BD after vRouter restart—Consider the following steps:

    1. Deploy Juniper Cloud-Native Router having a workload access interface with no-local-switching enabled for the bridge domain.

    2. Restart the vRouter and wait for it to be up.

    3. Go to cRPD and remove no-local-switching functionality from the bridge domain.

    The access interface continues to have no-local-switching key enabled while this should not be the case.


    no-local switching works only for interfaces that have the interface-mode explicitly configured and are placed under the routing-instance and not the bridge domain. Therefore, the following configuration of the interface under the bridge domain which is done by the helm should be deleted,

    and the configuration shown below needs to be applied where the interface-mode is configured explicitly.

  • JCNR-3600: Redundant syslog ng container on helm upgrade—After a helm upgrade, the newly created syslogng pod continues to be in the pending state.


    After the upgrade, delete the older syslogng pod manually by issuing the kubectl -n jcnr delete <syslog-pod-name> command.

  • JCNR-3652: Agent pod missing "ss" causing the below Error in agent logs—The following error is visible in the contrail-vrouter-agent.log file. You can ignore this error as it does not affect the normal functioning of Juniper Cloud-Native Router.