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Juniper Cloud-Native Router 22.4.1 Cover Page


Juniper Cloud-Native Router (cloud-native router) is a containerized implementation of Juniper control and forwarding planes. The cloud-native router runs on "white-box" Linux servers. It consists of modular components including a control plane (JCNR-Controller), forwarding plane (JCNR-vRouter), and JCNR-CNI. The control plane provides a Junos-based management framework; while the JCNR-vRouter, a DPDK-based forwarding plane, decouples forwarding from the Linux kernel, thus allowing faster forwarding and more scalability. JCNR-CNI provides the network interfaces in software that allow JCNR to network with other containers, VMs, and physical devices. Together, these elements provide flexibility, programmability, and scalability for the coming generations of 5G installations.


  • RHEL 8.4, 8.5, or 8.6

  • Rocky Linux 8.6

You can install the cloud-native router on VMs or BMS that run the operating systems shown above. Each server must have one or more Intel Columbiaville (E810) or Intel Fortville (XL710) NICs installed for proper operation.