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Learn about known limitations in the JCNR 22.2 Beta release.

cRPD and JCNR-vRouter

  • JCNR-2276: MBUF memory pool leak–When packetgen pods are deleted and re-created repeatedly soon after traffic is applied, an mbuf mempool leak is observed.

  • JCNR-2205: L2 rate limiting does not work when configured for more than 1000000 Bps–If rate limiting is configured for more that 1000000 Bps, JCNR-vRouter will only rate limit at 1000000 Bps.

  • JCNR-2043: DPDK bond interface can fail to come up–If the physical interface (PF) link is down, a VF interface based on that PF interface does not come up.

  • JCNR-2400: Misleading Lic notification seen : LICENSE_TOKEN_REFRESH_FAILURE - License token refresh of feature 243 and quantity 1 has failed due to license deletion–This notification can appear when adding or deleting pods. It is safe to ignore this notification.

  • JCNR-2340: All cloud-native router Pods use a UTC timestamp when recording syslog entries–This is a known issue. Manual conversion of timesamps from UTC to system local time is required at this time.

  • JCNR-2428: Default VLAN list (1-4094) is applied to the interface if vlanIdList is specified in the network attachment definition (NAD) file–The effect of this issue is that the interface may get traffic from unintended VLANs. You can apply the vlanIdList in the Pod YAML file rather than the NAD file to avoid this behavior.

  • JCNR-2423: vRouter Pod crashes when traffic loop is present due to misconfiguration–The traffic loop causes continuous MAC move events between bond and switch interface.

  • JCNR-2404: Workload Pod stuck in ContainerCreating state–In some rare instances, the cRPD mgd-api daemon fails to accept connection requests. Restart the mgd-api daemon manually to resolve the issue.

  • JCNR-2291: contrail-k8s-deployer Pod stuck in error state–If changes are made to the vRouter section of the values.yaml file, and then the helm upgrade jcnr command is run, the Pod enters error state. Helm upgrade command is not currently supported.

  • JCNR-1413: All interfaces on host shown in cRPD–If you use the cRPD CLI and run a show interfaces command like show interfaces routing, the system displays all interfaces known to the host, even those that do not belong to Juniper Cloud-Native Router.