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Sample Configuration Files

Read this section to find sample YAML configuration files for use in deploying JCNR. These YAML files control the features and functions available to JCNR by affecting the deployment instructions. YAML files for workload configuration are also included. The workload configuration files control the workload functions. We've included the following sample configuration files:

Use these files to understand the configuration options available for deployment of Juniper Cloud-Native Router. The workload configuration files display how you can configure trunk and access interfaces and configure various VLANs for each type. Each of the files contain comments that start with a hash mark (#) and are highlighted in bold in these examples.

  • values.yaml

  • nad-dpdk_trunk_vlan_3002.yaml

  • nad-kernel_access_vlan_3001.yaml

  • nad-odu-bd3003-sub.yaml

  • nad-odu-bd3004-sub.yaml

  • odu-virtio-subinterface.yaml

  • pod-dpdk-trunk-vlan3002.yaml

  • pod-kernel-access-vlan-3001.yaml