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Juniper BNG CUPS separates the Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) stack running in the native Junos OS into a cloud native application, where the BNG control plane functionality runs on the cloud application and the BNG user plane functionality runs in Junos OS. The cloud environment enables a single control plane to connect with multiple user planes.

In Juniper BNG CUPS, the BNG functions are split into the BNG CUPS Controller (control plane) functions and the BNG User Plane (user plane) functions. The management, state and control packet interfaces operate between the BNG CUPS Controller and the BNG User Planes.

The benefits of Juniper BNG CUPS are the following:

  • A centralized BNG CUPS Controller provides for more efficient use of network resources. Following are some examples:
    • Address allocation
    • Load balancing
    • Management and control
  • Increased scale—The cloud environment that Juniper BNG CUPS utilizes, enables you to increase the number of subscribers supported.
  • Locational independence and separate life-cycle management and maintenance.
  • Throughput and latency optimization—Because the BNG User Planes are closer to the subscribers, throughput and latency is optimized.

These release notes accompany Juniper BNG CUPS Release 22.1R1.