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test aaa authd-lite user



Verify authd-lite subscriber access authentication, accounting, and address allocation configuration.

The test aaa command supports all RADIUS-sourced attributes, both IETF standard attributes and Juniper Networks VSAs. Received attributes are displayed in the output. For information about standard RADIUS attributes, see ../../../../Other/radius-std-attributes-vsas-support.html#id-radius-ietf-attributes-supported-by-the-aaa-service-framework. For information about Juniper Networks VSAs, see ../../../../Other/radius-std-attributes-vsas-support.html#id-juniper-networks-vsas-supported-by-the-aaa-service-framework.

Each RADIUS server attribute name has an associated attribute value. Each of these pairs is now enclosed by the <radius-server-data> tag.



Specify the subscriber username to test.

password password

Specify the password associated with the username.

profile access-profile-name

Specify the access profile associated with the subscriber.

port nas-port

(Optional) Specify the NAS port used for the test.


(Optional) Specify that no accounting statistics are set for this test.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

When you enter this command, you are provided feedback on the status of your request. For information about output fields related to authentication, accounting, and subscriber-specific information, see the show network-access aaa statistics, show network-access aaa statistics authentication, show network-access aaa subscribers, and show subscribers commands.

The test command does not support volume-time accounting. If volume-time accounting is configured for the test subscriber, the test command replaces the statistics with time-only accounting statistics.

This command displays only attributes that are supported by Junos OS; these attributes appear even when their values are not set. The Virtual Router Name (LS:RI) field matches the Juniper Networks Virtual-Router VSA (26-1), if present; otherwise the field displays default:default. The displayed value for all other attributes that are not received is <not set>.

Sample Output

test aaa authd-lite user

The following example tests the configuration for authd-lite subscriber user1bt with a password of $ABC123 and an access profile of employee12, and displays the resulting output:

test aaa authd-lite user (XML Output)

The following example shows an excerpt of sample XML output in the new format: