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request dhcp server reconfigure



Initiate reconfiguration processing for the specified DHCP clients if they are in the bound state. If the clients are in the reconfiguring state, this command has no effect. If the clients are in any state other than bound or reconfiguring, this command has the same effect as the clear dhcp server binding command.

When the local server state machine starts the reconfiguration process on a bound client, the client transitions to the reconfiguring state and the local server sends a forcerenew message to the client. Because the client was in the bound state before entering the reconfiguring state, all subscriber (or DHCP client) services, such as forwarding and statistics, continue to work. An exponential back-off timer determines the interval at which the forcerenew message is sent. If the final attempt is unsuccessful, the client is returned to its original state by default. You can optionally include the clear-on-abort statement to configure the client to be cleared when reconfiguration fails.



Initiate reconfiguration for all DHCP clients.


Initiate reconfiguration for DHCP client with the specified IP address or MAC address.

interface interface-name

Initiate reconfiguration for all DHCP clients on this logical interface (clients whose initial login requests were received over the specified interface).


You cannot use the interface interface-name option with the request dhcp server reconfigure command for DHCP passive clients (clients that are added as a result of DHCP snooped packets). For passive clients, the interface is not guaranteed to be the next-hop interface to the client, as is the case for active clients.

logical-system logical-system-name

Initiate reconfiguration for all DHCP clients on the specified logical system.

routing-instance routing-instance-name

Initiate reconfiguration reconfigured for all DHCP clients in the specified routing instance.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

When you enter this command, you are provided feedback on the status of your request.

Sample Output

request dhcp server reconfigure