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Before you begin installing and running BBE Event Collection and Visualization, make sure you have the following:

  • A user account with permissions to download the BBE Event Collection and Visualization software package.

  • A Linux host (jump host) running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (or later required) for running the ecav installation. The jump host must have the following:

    • CPU cores—2

    • RAM—8 GB

    • Disk space—128 GB of free disk storage

    • Python 3 virtual environment installed

    • A user login with access to the Kubernetes cluster

    • External access to Docker Hub ( for pulling open-source container images needed for deploying BBE Event Collection and Visualization.

  • The cluster must have at least three worker nodes (either virtual or physical machines). A node is a Linux system running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (or later) that has a management address and a domain name. The nodes must meet the following system requirements:

    • CPU cores—8 (hyperthreading preferred)

    • RAM—64 GB

    • Disk space—512 GB of free disk storage in the root partition

For information on how to install BBE Event Collection and Visualization, see Broadband Edge Event Collection and Visualization Installation Guide.