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Manage the Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud License

This topic describes how to install the Juniper ATP Cloud premium license onto your SRX Series Firewalls and vSRX Virtual Firewall deployments. You do not need to install the Juniper ATP Cloud free license as these are included your base software. Note that the free license has a limited feature set (see Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud License Types and File Scanning Limits).

When installing the license key, you must use the license that is specific your device type. For example, the Juniper ATP Cloud premium license available for the SRX Series Firewall cannot be used on vSRX Virtual Firewall deployments.

Obtaining the Premium License Key

The Juniper ATP Cloud premium license can be found on the Juniper Networks product price list. The procedure for obtaining the premium license entitlement is the same as for all other Juniper Network products. The following steps provide an overview.

  1. Contact your local sales office or Juniper Networks partner to place an order for the Juniper ATP Cloud premium license.

    After your order is complete, an authorization code is e-mailed to you. An authorization code is a unique 16-digit alphanumeric used in conjunction with your device serial number to generate a premium license entitlement.

  2. (SRX Series Firewalls only) Use the show chassis hardware CLI command to find the serial number of the SRX Series Firewalls that are to be tied to the Juniper ATP Cloud premium license.

    Look for the serial number associated with the chassis item. In the above example, the serial number is CM1915AK0326.

  3. Open a browser window and go to
  4. Click Login to Generate License Keys and follow the instructions.

    You must have a valid Juniper Networks Customer Support Center (CSC) account to log in.

License Management and SRX Series Firewalls

Unlike other Juniper Networks products, Juniper ATP Cloud does not require you to install a license key onto your SRX Series Firewall. Instead, your entitlement for a specific serial number is automatically transferred to the cloud server when you generate your license key. It may take up to 24 hours for your activation to be updated in the Juniper ATP Cloud cloud server.

Juniper ATP Cloud Premium Evaluation License for vSRX Virtual Firewall

The 30-day Juniper ATP Cloud countdown premium evaluation license allows you to protect your network from advanced threats with Juniper ATP Cloud. The license allows you to use Juniper ATP Cloud premium features for 30-days without having to install a license key. After the trial license expires, the connection to the Juniper ATP Cloud cloud is broken and you will no longer be able to use any Juniper ATP Cloud features.

Instructions for downloading the trial license are here:


The 30-day trial license period begins on the day you install the evaluation license.

To continue using Juniper ATP Cloud features after the optional 30-day period, you must purchase and install the date-based license; otherwise, the features are disabled.

After installing your trial license, set up your realm and contact information before using Juniper ATP Cloud. For more information, see Registering a Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud Account.

License Management and vSRX Virtual Firewall Deployments

Unlike with physical SRX Series Firewalls, you must install Juniper ATP Cloud premium licenses onto your vSRX Virtual Firewall. Installing the Juniper ATP Cloud license follows the same procedure as with most standard vSRX Virtual Firewall licenses.

The following instructions describe how to install a license key from the CLI. You can also add a new license key with J-Web (see Managing Licenses for vSRX.)


If you are reinstalling a Juniper ATP Cloud license key on your vSRX Virtual Firewall, you must first remove the existing Juniper ATP Cloud license. For information on removing licenses on the vSRX Virtual Firewall, see Managing Licenses for vSRX.

To install a license key from the CLI:

  1. Use the request system license add command to manually paste the license key in the terminal.

    You can save the license key to a file and upload the file to the vSRX Virtual Firewall file system through FTP or Secure Copy (SCP), and then use the request system license add file-name command to install the license.

  2. (Optional) Use the show system license command to view details of the licenses.

    Example of a premium license output:

    Example of a free license output:

  3. The license key is installed and activated on your vSRX Virtual Firewall.

High Availability

Before enrolling your devices with the Juniper ATP Cloud cloud, set up your HA cluster as described in your product documentation. For vSRX Virtual Firewall deployments, make sure the same license key is used on both cluster nodes. When enrolling your devices, you only need to enroll one node. The Juniper ATP Cloud cloud will recognize this is an HA cluster and will automatically enroll the other node.