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Multi-Factor Authentication Overview

Multi-Factor Authentication requires a user to pass at least two different types of authentication before gaining access to a requested page. Juniper ATP Cloud lets you configure multi-factor authentication (over SMS or Email) for administrators who are logging into the Juniper ATP Cloud Web UI or resetting their passwords. This is an optional setting that when enabled, applies globally to all administrators in a realm.

The benefits of multi-factor authentication are:

  • Improves security by minimizing the chances of unauthorized access to resources.

  • Adds authentication layers with the ability to randomize login credentials and mitigate danger when user passwords are compromised.

  • Allows systems to verify the identity of the user by contacting that user directly, thereby alerting the user to unauthorized access if he or she did not initiate the login request.

When you enable multi-factor authentication, you select to send a verification code by text or email when administrators attempt to login to Juniper ATP Cloud. The first time administrators try to login, they are prompted to enter their mobile number. Once that information is entered, they can receive a verification code. Once the code is entered and verified, the user can login the Juniper ATP Cloud Web UI.