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Introduction to Juniper ATP Cloud

Juniper® Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud (Juniper ATP Cloud) is the threat intelligence hub for your network. It comprises of built-in advanced threat services that use the power of AI to detect attacks and optimize enforcement.

Juniper ATP Cloud detects and stops zero-day and commodity malware within web, email, data center, and application traffic targeted for Windows, Mac, and IoT devices.

The service assesses risk from encrypted and decrypted network traffic and connecting devices, including IoT, and distributes that intelligence throughout the network to stop attacks and drastically decrease the attack surface before a breach occurs. It provides a real-time window into security events that security operations staff can use to quickly correlate activity and remediate issues.

Juniper ATP Cloud’s identification technology uses different techniques to quickly identify a threat and prevent an impending attack. These methods include:

  • Powerful machine learning algorithms.

  • Dynamic analysis with techniques to trick malware into activating and self-identifying.

  • Rapid cache lookups to speed up previous malware identification.

  • Antivirus signature-based engine to identify known files.

  • Static analysis that analyzes software code to identify possible dangerous fragments.

The following are the highlights of the features available in Juniper ATP Cloud release:

  • SecIntel—Curate and distribute threat feeds verified by Juniper Threat Labs across the network to routers, switches, access points, and firewalls for orchestrated action. Use the threat intelligence feeds to detect and block verified threats, compromised devices, and malicious connections in real time.
  • Threat Mitigation— Automatically discover and mitigate known and unknown threats. Block or segment malicious outbreaks on the network using an SRX Series firewall, MX Series router, or an EX Series or QFX Series switch. Integrates with existing network access control (NAC) solutions and third-party firewalls, switches, and wireless technology.
  • Encrypted Traffic Insights —Detect and stop threats hiding within encrypted traffic without decrypting, which means privacy and security are no longer at odds.
  • Adaptive Threat Profiling —Detect targeted attacks on your network, including high-risk users and devices, and automatically mobilize your defenses. Create security intelligence feeds based on real-time events happening on your network. You have the flexibility to take action against emerging threats as they are detected.
  • AI-Driven Risk Profiling—Automatically discover and mitigate known and unknown threats. Assess the risk of user and IoT devices connecting to Mist AI-managed wired and wireless solutions based on endpoint information and behavior. Pinpoint and mitigate potential compromise with geospatial location and one-touch mitigation.