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Configuring Juniper ATP Appliance Web Traffic Collection

When powered up, the Juniper ATP Appliance Collector performs its boot process and then displays a CLI login prompt. Use the following procedure to configure the Juniper ATP Appliance Server using the CLI command line and Configuration Wizard.


FOR OVA DEPLOYMENTS: this configuration process is optional and can be skipped because these settings are addressed during OVA deployment to the VM vSwitch.


Integration requirements for the Email Collector: Microsoft Exchange 2010+

To Configure the Collector

  1. In the Login window, enter the default username admin and the password juniper.

    The Juniper ATP Appliance Web UI login username and password are separate from the CLI admin username and password.

  2. When prompted to reset the password, re-enter the password juniper as the “old” password, and enter a new password (twice).

    The CM Web UI supports passwords up to 32 characters, and at least 8 characters. Letters (uppercase/ lowercase), numbers, and special characters can be used with the exception of double-quotes (”), spaces, or backslash characters (\) in passwords.

  3. At login, the Juniper ATP Appliance Central Manager Dashboard is displayed, as shown below. The Dashboard tab includes aggregated malware detection information and provides system status and health information. Additional configurations are made from the Config tab. The main Juniper ATP Appliance CM Web UI tabs are described below.

    The Traffic Collector will now automatically “call home” to the Central Manager to announce it is online and active.

    Wait ~5 minutes and confirm Collector connectivity from the Juniper ATP Appliance Web UI, as described further below.

    When the Configuration Wizard exits to display the CLI, you may use the commands listed inVerifying Configurations and Traffic from the CLI to view interface configurations and to allowlist an Email Collector (in distributed systems) if one is already installed and configured. Special characters used in CLI parameters must be enclosed in double quotation marks.

  4. To exit the CLI, type exit. Be sure to confirm Collector activity from the Juniper ATP Appliance Central Manager Web UI (below).