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Configure ATP Appliance to Support SRX Series Firewall Logical Systems

Logical systems enable you to partition a single device into multiple secure contexts that perform independent tasks. For more information on logical systems and tenant systems, see Logical Systems and Tenant Systems User Guide for Security Devices.

Before you begin:

To configure logical systems in the ATP Appliance, do the following:

  1. Select Config > System Profiles > SRX Settings.

    The Enrolled Devices page appears. The page displays two SRX Series Firewalls with the names SRX_name and SRX_name:LSYS_name.

    Figure 1: Enrolled Devices in ATP Appliance Enrolled Devices in ATP Appliance

    By default, no zone is assigned to the logical system. You must create and assign a zone before the logical system is activated. To create a zone, do the following:

    1. Select Config > System Profiles > Zones.

      Figure 2: Create Zone Create Zone
    2. In the Zone Name field, enter a name for the zone.

    3. In the Zone Description field, enter a description.

    4. Click Add.

      A new zone is created.

  2. Navigate back to Config > System Profiles > SRX Settings.

  3. Expand the SRX Series Firewall with the name SRX_name:LSYS_name. Click Edit.

    Figure 3: Edit Enrolled Devices Edit Enrolled Devices

    The Update SRX Device Info page appears.

    Figure 4: Update Zone Update Zone
  4. From the Zone drop-down menu, select the zone for the SRX Series Firewall. Click Submit.

    The zone information is updated for the SRX Series Firewall configured for the logical system. The Juniper ATP Appliance will start processing traffic from the logical system domain.