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Welcome to the Juniper ATP Appliance Quick Start for Mac Mini. The Juniper ATP Appliance does not ship on Mac Mini hardware. The customer is responsible for obtaining a Mac Mini device.

The Juniper ATP Appliance extends its Windows platform malware analysis products to include seamless integration of Mac OS X traffic monitoring and malware detection. The MAC OS X detonation chamber runs on a Mac Mini and is supplied by Juniper ATP Appliance as a direct Secondary Core extension of its Core/Central Manager Server for detecting both known and unknown threats.

When linked logically to the Core, the Juniper ATP Appliance Collectors inspect all network traffic for malware objects; they extract and send objects to the CM Core for distribution to the Windows or Mac Detection Engines. The Mac OS detonates and analyzes all Mach-O executables, and any archive containing a Mach-O object, as well as any downloaded apps. Mac OS threats and malware are reported in the Juniper ATP Appliance CM Web UI similar to detected Windows events, and include corresponding context-specific Mitigation options.

This document assumes you have already installed and configured the Juniper ATP Appliance Core/CM or All-in-One Server.